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Lee Broker (Executive Producer - Business & Creative)
Lee Broker has worked as a producer, writer and director as well as having distribution and marketing experience with Lionsgate Entertainment, Showtime, TMN/THE Movie Network, City-TV, Corus Entertainment and a number of Foreign Buyers.
His extensive experience in the Entertainment industry includes work in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto as an actor on Stage, Film and in Television for ABC, NBC, CBS, CTV and CBC.

Lee co-directed, co-produced, acted, wrote the screenplay and co-wrote two of the original songs for the first FilmArts feature film entitled “Cornered” in collaboration with Executive Producers John Andras & Paul Russell.

Don Haig (Co-Founder)
Co-Founder Don Haig believed in the business model and strategy envisioned by Lee Broker and threw his extensive industry contacts, considerable reputation and a lifetime of experience behind it. Throughout his life, the late Don Haig won many international awards including a Lifetime Achievement Genie Award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Canadian Film Industry”.

Paul Kahnert (Managing Director)
Paul Kahnert has worked in the Theatre, Music & Recording industries, Film and Television. Active in both creative & production and business & financial aspects of the international Film & TV industry, he serves as a liaison between these sectors.
In 1992, he first entered into a series of four back-to-back option agreements with the international division of CapCities/ABC-TV in New York for both Pay/Cable TV Movies and international TV Series to be developed and produced in Europe by CapCities/ABC and its European partners.

This in turn led to contact and further option agreements with other American and international TV companies such as Dick Clark Productions in Los Angeles, DeAngelis Group in Rome, Beta Films in Munich, London Films in the UK, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Los Angeles and the growing Film & TV industry in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Pino Halili (Post Production Producer)
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from York University, Pino enrolled in Audio Engineering at Toronto's Trebas Institute to combine his passion for Music and Technology. He was awarded the Pierre Juneau Scholarship and began working as Lead Engineer at Cherry Beach Studios. He freelanced at studios throughout Toronto including Sony, CBC, Puck's Farm Studio, Sounds Interchange (now Technicolor) and Tsunami Entertainment. Pino returned to Trebas to teach Audio Engineering and Post-Production and later joined Deluxe Toronto to oversee the integration of digital workstations into sound operations. Together the team launched some of Canada's first premiere digital mix theatres.

 Pino holds an MBA from Canada's Schulich School of Business and oversees POST CITY Picture & Sound, a leading post-production facility.

Jason Little (Digital Platform Developer & Security)
Jason Little is a Security and Cloud Infrastructure Expert specializing in Linux and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jason has completed multiple security audits (PCI, SAS70) and is currently responsible for scaling and maintaining several high availability environments.

He has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo but he has always been drawn to IT where he has spent the last 15 years of his career.

Brant Frayne (Associate Producer)
Brant Frayne has written, produced and directed close to 100 film documentaries for CBC Network Television Broadcast as well as producing and directing two educational series for TV Ontario. He has written or co-written three feature film screenplays and taught Screenwriting at York University, Toronto. He was also a Partner in three Communication Consulting companies.

Film Industry Network & Collaborations
In addition to the above Team, FilmArts Entertainment's "micro-budget" 
productions are being produced through it's Entertainment Industry 
Networking Relationships.

Danny Webber/Hall, Webber (Legal)

Brian Borts, CPA CA (Accounting)

FilmArts Entertainment Inc.


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Phone: +1 (416) 928-1286