The Power of The Story …

“Nothing succeeds like an Entertaining Story Well Told”

FilmArts Entertainment Inc. (FilmArts) is a Start Up “Micro-Budget” Production Company for Film, TV and Digital World Markets.


The First In The Trilogy.

Drama, Sport (88 minutes)
Directed by Lee Broker & Robert Crossman
Written by Lee Broker

The FilmArts Feature Film entitled “Cornered”  was produced and distributed to Good Reviews and Worldwide Sales.

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John Doyle / The Globe and Mail

“Cornered – though made on a tiny budget – it succeeds. Moody and often beautifully shot … fascinating as an example of low-cost filmmaking”.

EYE Weekly/Torstar

“Authentic in the milieu … well made … Cornered’s high production values are exceptional” .

Jim Slotek / The Toronto Sun

“The acting is good and it is artfully shot and lit".


“A smart film … uses black comedy to a hugely successful extent” .

In Pre-Production

"The Deal" ... Action/Crime Drama with Music, Dance & Dark Humour
Story by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal - Written by Lee Broker

The Second in The Trilogy.

“The script for ‘The Deal’ is an interesting and compelling mix between the genres of drama, crime and action.”

"A nice, gritty/honest piece, nuanced carefully with characters in a neighborhood everyone can identify." 
-Reader Review

In Development…

Big Shot Developer

“Big Shot Developer” … a Satirical Expose Limited-Run TV Series – the Third in the Trilogy - depicting a City that is a microcosm of the conflicts in an ever-changing world - “The Emperor Has No Clothes!”

Story by Lee Broker

Time To Stand-Up

“Time To Stand-Up” … Feature Film/Stage Play Comedy Drama of a dysfunctional Jewish Family with a Mother & Daughter in the knock down world of Stand-Up Comedy.

Story by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal
Written by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal

Sara’s Song

“Sara’s Song” … Feature Film Drama where Justice Is Blind - Take Revenge.

Story by Lee Broker
Written by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal

All of these FilmArts Entertainment productions have been strategically developed to be produced at controlled micro-budgets.

Through its website, new and innovative creative story ideas which complement the Filmarts brand will be actively sought out and developed in-house by Filmarts as it builds its library of entertainment content.

Film Arts Entertainment Inc.


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