The Team

FilmArts Entertainment Inc. (FilmArts)  is a production & distribution company that specializes in creating original, commercially viable film, TV,  and digital media for the global marketplace.

John Andras

Executive Producer

John Andras was Executive Producer of FilmArts Entertainment's First Feature Film - "Cornered".

He is Senior Vice President, Director and Portfolio Manager with Research Capital Corporation, and a founding and current Director of HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples). 

John is Past Chair of SKECH, Past President of The Rotary Club of Toronto, and helped found many philanthropic causes and initiatives including Project Warmth, Project Water, Toronto Disaster Relief Coalition, Recession Relief Committee, Technology Learning Community and the Greater Toronto Community Clearinghouse.

Lee Broker

Founding Producer, Creative Director, Business Management

Lee Broker is dedicated to high quality entertainment productions made with innovative micro-budgets through the collaboration of artists, original concepts and solid production teams.

FilmArts Entertainment’s first feature film “Cornered” was produced by Lee Broker in collaboration with Executive Producers John Andras, Don Haig & Paul Russell and received good reviews in addition to worldwide sales.

Lee Broker’s initial involvement with the entertainment industry was as an actor for Stage (New York, Los Angeles and Toronto), Film (numerous lead and supporting roles) and in Television (ABC, NBC, CBS, CTV and CBC.)

As he evolved as both a director/writer and producer, his initiative for micro-budget entertainment productions led to a practical knowledge of distribution and sales with Lionsgate Entertainment, Showtime, TMN/THE Movie Network, City-TV, Corus Entertainment and various international buyers.

Paul Kahnert 

Managing Director

Paul Kahnert has worked in the Theatre, Music & Recording industries, Film and Television. Active in both creative & production and business & financial aspects of the international Film & TV industry, he serves as a liaison between these sectors.

In 1992, he first entered into a series of four back-to-back option agreements with the international division of CapCities/ABC-TV in New York for both Pay/Cable TV Movies and international TV Series to be developed and produced in Europe by CapCities/ABC and its European partners.

This in turn led to contact and further option agreements with other American and international TV companies such as Dick Clark Productions in Los Angeles, DeAngelis Group in Rome, Beta Films in Munich, London Films in the UK, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Los Angeles and the growing Film & TV industry in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

In addition to the above, Paul Kahnert serves as Executive Story Editor in the development and writing of the various FilmArts Entertainment Film, TV & Digital Projects. 

Tasso Lakas

Executive Consultant

Tasso Lakas has served a long list of clients primarily focused on creative development in the Canadian film industry. Stops on his long career include Content Senior Development Officer at both Telefilm Canada and CBC- Network TV. Additionally, in his early career years, his work as a Literary Agent, included the negotiating and sale of literary properties to international film markets.

In 2002, he was contracted by ACTRA to create the evaluation and approval regime for ACTRA’s Independent/Low-Budget Film Production Program. For 18 years, he reviewed, assessed and approved a total of 870 “Low-Budget” Canadian Films (i.e. 700 Shorts & 170 Feature-Length motion pictures) resulting in over 6,000 successful international and national film festival acceptances which won over 450 awards in a variety of film categories.

His successful work in Creative Content Development, has brought and continues to introduce new and engaging talented professionals to the Film, TV & Digital industry.

His specific knowledge and first-hand industry wide experience in “micro-budget” film will contribute greatly to FilmArts Vision, Model & Strategy.

Daniel Hill


Daniel Hill has a proven history of critical and financial success in the entertainment industry with projects in film, television, advertising, live events, live streaming and media campaigns.

His work has led to numerous awards and acknowledgements including, 18 Gemini Nominations, The Discovery Award for Best Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival, Audience Choice Awards in Toronto’s Reelworld Festival, Worldfest Houston and the Palm Springs Film Festival as well as a Bessie (“Best PSA”) and Golden Sheaf Awards for Short Films.

First involved with FilmArts Entertainment as the Lead Producer on its feature film “Cornered”, Daniel continues as a producing partner.

Daniel Hill is also involved in education as Director of the national high school programme “Reach For The Top” and teacher of Production and Production Management at the Toronto Film School.

He acknowledges the continued interest and support of the Film Board, University of Toronto.

Leslie Ann Coles

Co-Writer/Director/Co-Producer of “Sara’s Song”

As a writer and director, LA Coles works with both scripted and non-scripted material. When working with scripted material, she creates original stories with compelling character-driven dialogue and action. She understands the actors’ process intuitively, and gravitates to realism and nuanced characters.

Her first film drama “In the Refrigerator” - as its Writer/Director/Actor - was invited to screen before the Oscar Jury by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Best Live Action after screening in 35 international film festivals and garnering several awards.

In 2019, her Award-Winning Documentary “Melody Makers – Should’ve Been There” depicted the internationally popular British Rock & Roll Music scene of the 1960’s & 70’s.
Her most recent Documentary is described as a “permanent work of art to stop Violence Against Women”.

Her latest screenplay “Soiled Dove” is a winner of 10 finalist international screenwriting awards.
Coles is an alumna of the Women in the Director’s Chair (WIDC) program, a recipient of three CTV Banff Fellowships for original series, and founder and executive director of The Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF).

Pino Halili 

Post Production Producer

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from York University, Pino enrolled in Audio Engineering at Toronto's Trebas Institute to combine his passion for Music and Technology. He was awarded the Pierre Juneau Scholarship and began working as Lead Engineer at Cherry Beach Studios.

He freelanced at studios throughout Toronto including Sony, CBC, Puck's Farm Studio, Sounds Interchange (now Technicolor) and Tsunami Entertainment. Pino returned to Trebas to teach Audio Engineering and Post-Production and later joined Deluxe Toronto to oversee the integration of digital workstations into sound operations.

Together the team launched some of Canada's first premiere digital mix theatres. Pino holds an MBA from Canada's Schulich School of Business and oversees POST CITY Picture & Sound, a leading post-production facility.

Amir Kiani


Following his graduation from film school, Amir has been making short fiction, documentary, and experimental films. He has over 9 narrative shorts, 3 documentaries and many commissioned works in his portfolio. His creations have been screened and awarded in many local and international film festivals and art venues around the globe.

He moved to Ottawa in 2005 to pursue his education in Fine Arts and in 2008 he was invited by Busan International Film Festival to join Asian Film Academy. Amir is a proud student of great masters of cinema such as the legendary French writerJean-Claude Carrière, Palme d’Or winner Hou Hsiao-Hsien, and the respected producer of Hanway Films (Carol, Brooklyn,...) Stephan Mallmann.

The award-winning filmmaker and former journalist holds an M.A. in film from Staffordshire University and has been based in Toronto since 2010, where he continues working actively in the industry.

Brant Frayne

Associate Producer

Brant Frayne has written, produced and directed close to 100 film documentaries for CBC Network Television Broadcast as well as producing and directing two educational series for TV Ontario.

He has written or co-written three feature film screenplays and taught Screenwriting at York University, Toronto. He was also a Partner in three Communication Consulting companies.

Jason Little

Digital Platform Developer & Security

Jason Little is a Security and Cloud Infrastructure Expert specializing in Linux and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jason has completed multiple security audits (PCI, SAS70) and is currently responsible for scaling and maintaining several high availability environments.

He has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo but he has always been drawn to IT where he has spent the last 15 years of his career.

Tomas Hinojosa

Poster Design

    Tomas Hinojosa is a design thinker with demonstrated experience in visual communication. He graduated from Centennial College with a Diploma in Creative Advertising.

He is skilled in Graphic Design, Art Direction and Marketing. His entrepreneurial mindset propelled him to become a key element to the success of PosterOne, a web to print startup founded in 2000.

Now, with more than 25 years experience in print and digital communication, he has evolved into an empathetic people person with meticulous project management and execution.

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