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The power of the story … 
Nothing succeeds like an entertaining story well told.

FilmArts Entertainment Inc. (FilmArts) is launching itself as a micro-budget production & distribution company with content being developed in-house and produced for film, TV, digital & stage markets worldwide.

FilmArts is targeting audience/markets who are seeking resonant, authentic portrayals and engaging stories that reflect the challenges and complexities of the world in which we live both today and in the future.

FilmArts has developed a distinctive brand of content with:

Solid writing, intriguing characters and good stories with a marketable edge

Publicity & marketing will be aggressively leveraged using all forms of social media both in the box and out of the box.

FilmArts Entertainment’s first feature film entitled Cornered was produced and distributed to very good reviews and worldwide sales.

“Cornered – though made on a tiny budget – it succeeds. Moody and often beautifully shot … fascinating as an example of low cost filmmaking”.

John Doyle – The Globe and Mail

FilmArts Entertainment Inc.


Phone: +1 (416) 928-1286